A very good news are waiting for the bollywood world Actor Ramcharan Teja and Salman Khan will act together.

Now Telugu superstar Ramcharan Teja’s calamitous Bollywood entrance in Zanjeer there are rumors that Ramcharan would this time do an exploit film co-starring his Bollywood guide Salman Khan. Seemingly Salman who sent home-cooked for Ramcharan in Mumbai for the period of the whole time when Ram was shelling for Zanjeer has counselled Ramcharan in contradiction of walking into another solo-project.

“Ramcharan Teja’s second Hindi film would be a 2-hero project. Salman Khan may step in to play one of the leads,” informs a basis nearby to the enlargement. The scheme will ensue next year. At the instant Ramcharan has supposed yes to two Telugu films to be concentrating by Surender Reddy and Gautham Menon.

Telugu superstar Ramcharan Teja is identical enthusiastic about doing the Telugu description of the Tamil super hit Thani Oruvuan where Ramcharan once more shows a cop. Says the restrained law enforcer. “It’s a very powerful film already done in Tamil by director Jayaram Raja. The Telugu version will be directed by Surender Reddy. I play a cop again.”

Ram says he feels no trepidation about getting into Khaki even after the fiasco that was his Hindi debut in Zanjeer.
“I am certainly not put off by the failure of Zanjeer. In fact I’ll be doing another Hindi film very soon. One experience can’t put me off Bollywood for a lifetime.”

There was talk of Ramcharan doing Ashutosh Gowariker’s historical Mohenjo Daro. The Telugu star admits there was indeed a chance of him of him being in the historical.

“Yes, there were talks for that project. But that didn’t work out. Very soon, I’ll be doing another Hindi film,” announces Ramcharan.

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