Whether is it being criticized his intervene on Syria or Ukraine worldwide but he is fabulous popular in his own country. He is deeply adored and admired by his own countrymen. Actually such huge popularity leads him in staying long time power. He was born in 7 October,1952 when Soviet Union was in superpower. After the broken off of Soviet Union, now the time is considered as high in stronger position that Russia under Putin’s ruling.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

In Russia from peasant to administrator, student to professor everyone loves Putin and his work. Whatever decision he takes or implements get huge supports from his people. It is true that every fairy tale has a hero and no doubt Putin is now like a fairy tale hero to the Russian. In Russia, there is a popular verse, like

Be you a genius or a VIP, there’s no wonder,

We all end up 6ft under,

We all get our just deserts I tell,

But some go to heaven and some to hell

But to the many Russian it is believed that even the fire will not burn Putin in the hell if he goes there.

It has been seen that his popularity is growing more day by day though some of the Russian do not support his decision of Russian troops in Syria’s battleground. But they passionate enough to watch whatever is going to be held in Syria or Ukraine as the decisions were made by Putin. It has been clear that Putin does whatever indicates effort of regaining super power like before.

Even many Russians start to believe that they are not afraid if any of Putin’s decision proves mistake, as the Creator will correct him if he has trust on the Creator’s supremacy.

But the tension rises, if Russian airstrikes in Syria could encourage more air attack on Russian jets like Sinai attack, occurred just a few months ago. Russian television which all the time praises Putin assist him increasing his rapid popularity.

Young Russian cadets think that Putin is popular not just in Russia or its alliance countries but to the whole world. It is such a Putin’s oomph trigger Russian militants serve with more patriotism.

Now the fact is that in spite of all twists and turns and dramas, a fairy tale has a happy ending in common. And still the Russian are believed on Putin to go a long way under his regime.

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