After three years of break hit-maker of “Gangnam Style” Psy charmed the world with his new released seventh album. In the early morning of Monday on November 30, Psy tweeted his new video song “Daddy” features CL from 2NE1, the album’s first track. After few hours, it gained more than 600,000 viewers on youtube. “Daddy” is definitely Psy’s strongest single after “Gangnam Style”. This track is not different from his last three hits “Gangnam Style”, “Gentleman” and “Hangover”. Somewhat it is fallen by some indisputable moderately shrink-worthy flash in this music video.

Psy could make new sweet points with the help of choreographers between “hilariously exaggerated” and “somewhat believable”. There is some adult movements in this video that can stimulate the sexual feelings in teens. The scene of making a strange adult face super inflicted on a child’s body that accurately causes very little girls to faint away while Psy sings lines like “You be my curry, I’ll be your rice.”

The video starts with a campy version of innocent birth of a baby until we see the newborn baby boy’s face. This appears to be an unconvincing digital simulation of adult PSY.

This factual conversion of inheritance continues all through the video. PSY’s face turned onto multiple bodies rather than his own. He quickly matures from an infant to a girl crazed young boy. In a scene, schoolboy PSY pouring some kind of sauce to the girls for their lunches and sings, “You be my curry / I’ll be your rice.” Another notable conversions that include PSY as a Spanish dancer with his own father and his own grandfather by singing the lines altogether “How do you like me now?”.

PSY pouring some sauces

PSY pouring some sauces

The leftovers of the video is included of a series of the same dance progression completed in different locations: a living room, a bathroom, a yacht, a mall escalator, the street, the stage, and of course, the club. The song ends with a charismatic PSY family photograph.

Ok Buddies!! Let’s go to take a look on videos of this song PSY – DADDY:

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