Famous Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra recently express herself that she doesn`t belief the Zero-figure theory.

During an era when her cousin Parineeti Chopra started an open deliberation over to be thin or not in Bollywood, performing artist Priyanka Chopra says she doesn’t put stock in the “size-zero” hypothesis, including that Indian ladies are known for their bends and ought to take pride in them.

“I am not an adherent of size-zero and I have kept up this position for a long time. I trust that everybody is excellent fit as a fiddle and measure. Indian ladies, particularly, are destined to be shapely and they ought to take pride in that,” Priyanka said at an occasion here.Having said that, the performer, known for her slim body, shared that she can’t starve herself to achieve meager edge because of her Punjabi roots.

Parineeti as of late got the consideration of weight watchers after a photograph shoot, through which the performing artist was presented in a slimmer symbol. Priyanka is not especially a supporter of starving to get meager. Rather, she says having a sound and nutritious eating regimen is an unquestionable requirement. and using effective way to maintain her health and try to keep her body fit in everywhere and position. She think she keeps a better position in her health and will continue it.

On the expert front, the performing artist is having some fantastic luck with her worldwide TV arrangement “Quantico” doing great, and the late achievement of her period dramatization ‘Bajirao Mastani’.


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