The largest democratic country is India, its Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who is now 66, but he is still young, energetic and hardworking person because he is careful about his health. Still he take yoga and pranayama and other activities.

Specialized generally encourage everybody to make this a piece of their lives.” These are the expressions of durable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, who is doing his bit to contribute as the world locked in to observe International Yoga Day on June 21.

Here are some yoga postures by PM Modi that you should learn now for an all-encompassing methodology towards a more beneficial personality, body and soul.



Ustarasana or the camel posture upgrades center quality and gives your spine, hip and shoulder the greatly required adaptability and stamina. Though unpretentious, the impacts of this posture are splendid and can be obviously seen by method for a change in the state of your digestive, respiratory, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal and circulatory framework.



Vajrasana or the precious stone posture is a basic stance which should be honed after suppers. Performing Vajrasana regularly helps you to build a stronger and healthier body. It helps you keep digestive problems such as constipation at bay and strengthens muscles of the legs and back.



The term Sukhasana has been gotten from two Sanskrit words `Sukha’ which implies satisfaction and `asana’ which implies `pose’. Sit on a yoga tangle and spread your legs out straight. Stretch your legs and keep them straight. Presently, twist your left knee in a way that the sole of your left feet is set on the internal side of your right thigh. Be in a comfortable position. Then, bend your right knee in a way that the sole of your right feet is placed on the outer side of your left calf.



Padmasana or the lotus posture contains sitting leg over leg with spine vertically straight, making it a perfect stance for contemplation and focus. This asana has myriad benefits, beginning from soothing the brain to increasing awareness and attentiveness. Practicing lotus pose regularly aids the development of a good posture and helps to keep the joints and ligaments flexible.


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