We all know how value the diamond is over the year after year to the human being. But probably many of we don’t know which colour diamond is more valuable than the others. Specially the pink coloured diamond, in general, hold up to 20 times the value of a white diamond.

Comparatively white colour diamond is very common and it can be found very easily in your near store whereas other diamond as like pink, blue and green coloured diamond are very rare to us and there is no doubt about the extra beauty of these rare diamonds. Moreover the demand is increasing day by day.

A model poses with a 24.78 carat fancy i

You will be amazed to know only one in 10,000 diamonds mined has a trace of colour whereas a very small percentage are pinks. Unlike other diamonds such as blues, yellows which are taking their hue from chemical impurities that absorb light then scientists still are not sure about what makes pink diamonds pink. Currently it is being told that the colour is coming from the effect of severe underground pressure altering the molecular structure of the stones.

But you can simply find some specific colour like brown diamond now marketed as “chocolate diamonds” in shades of champagne, latte and cognac, are the most common type of coloured diamond and mostly for industrial use.

If you look through the history, then you will find pink colour diamonds have derived from India, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia. But at present 90% pink diamonds are coming from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds mine, located in Perth in Australia.

Japan consumes the biggest volume of this product whereas US is the largest market in terms of value. Some other  countries like India, China are also notable market. In China this colour is regarded as the good fortune.

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