Parrot a small, cutest and most favorite birds in the whole world. But having much littler brains than other animals, a few feathered creatures like parrots and crows have mental abilities that match with those of our ape cousins. Reported a study.

In addition to other things, they are capable of thinking logically, of recognising themselves in the mirror and of empathy, said the spokesperson of the study.

“The mental capacities of corvids and parrots are as advanced and various as those of chimps,” said one of the specialists Onur Gunturkun from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. The discoveries were distributed in the diary Trends in Cognitive Sciences. In warm blooded creatures, subjective abilities are controlled by the multi-layered cerebral cortex, additionally called neocortex.

This mind structure does not exist in flying creatures. Rather, complex mental errands are overseen by the supposed pallium.

Also, fowls have much littler brains than gorillas. While gorilla brains measure 275 to 500 gram all things considered, winged animals, who are pretty much as skilful in spite of without a cortex, just oversee five to 20 gram.

To address this question, the specialists incorporated studies which had uncovered different subjective aptitudes in winged animals and dissected various neuro-anatomic studies. Single modules of the brains, for instance, are wired similarly, and both creature bunches have a prefrontal mind structure that controls comparable official capacities.

The specialists trust that either their last basic precursor passed the neuronal premise to flying creatures and warm blooded animals or – and the creators consider this more probable – they advanced autonomously of one another, on the grounds that both creature bunches confronted the same difficulties.

According to the researchers, this would mean that certain wiring patterns in the brain are necessary to boost cognitive performance.”What is clear is that the multi-layered mammalian cortex is not required for complex comprehension,” Gunturkun noted.

“The absolute brain weight is not relevant for mental abilities, either,” Gunturkun said.

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