Cell phone or smartphone is the most common personal needs in this modern world. Now a days without it you are backdated. Not only communication but also it is needed for various purpose like music, photography, internet etc. it is very much affected in our young society. But overuse of this device is much harmful both physically and mentally.

Glued to your smartphone? A new study has found that addiction to — and not simply use of — mobile phones and internet is linked to anxiety and depression in teenagers.  Notwithstanding, there was no relationship between PDA or web utilize and negative emotional wellness results among members who utilize these innovations to escape from fatigue.

“There’s a long history of the general population dreading new advances as they are sent in the public eye,” said lead analyst Alejandro Lleras from University of Illinois in the US. “This apprehension of new innovation happened with TVs, computer games and most as of late, cell phones,” Lleras included the paper distributed in the diary Computers in Human conduct.

The team which is reviewed more than 300 college understudies with surveys that tended to the understudies’ emotional well-being, measure of mobile phone and web use and inspirations for swinging to their electronic gadgets.

The objective was to check whether addictive and self-dangerous practices with telephones and the web are identified with psychological well-being.

The findings showed that people who self-described as having really addictive style behaviours toward the internet and cell phones scored much higher on depression and anxiety scales.Ending addictive innovation propensities might give an essential supplemental treatment to tending to psychological wellness issues, for example, general tension issue or misery, the creator noted.

“The interaction with the device is not going to make you depressed if you are just using it when you are bored. This should go toward soothing some of that public anxiety over new technology,” Lleras explained.

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