North Korea is now showing its power in front of world existing power. Recently the nation launch some powerful short range ballistic missiles which have the ability to destroy any decorated nation any time. on Friday propelled another ballistic missile which flew somewhere in the range of 800 km before falling into the ocean, trailed by another rocket which might have blasted mid-air, reported by South Korean military authorities.

Depending on previous successful missile test, The North Korean People’s Army let go the rocket into the East Sea at 5.55 a.m. from Sukchun, north of Pyongyang, as indicated by Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

The South Korean defense ministry spokesman told EFE news that it appeared to be a Rodong (single stage, mobile liquid propellant medium range ballistic missile) with a range of 1,300 km. and it has the ability to destroy any range of point.

He likewise uncovered that about 22 minutes after the primary dispatch, what gave off an impression of being the second rocket was let go from the same territory yet vanished from the radar at a height of 17 km. It is accepted to have blasted noticeable all around, the representative included.

The dispatch happened in the midst of high strain on the Korean promontory after Pyongyang led the fourth underground atomic test on January 6 and propelled a satellite on board a rocket on February 7, activities which provoked assents from the UN Security Council.

On March 10, the North Korean military launched two short-range missiles which flew some 500 km. One week prior to the incident, the country catapulted six short-range missiles which flew between 100-150 km each. And if any need the nation can test long range missile in its area. Some source said North Korea has a lot of missile stored. now North Korea is the powerful country inside of USA, Russia, China etc.

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