US governors “Rick Snyder” have said they take several decision and restriction about Syrian refugees in their state. He also said that he was avoiding the acceptance of upcoming new Syrian refugees until the proper security and the present situation could be completed and changed.

The decision come from several US governors for the issue of attack in the stadium when a friendly football tournament was playing in Paris which killed 130 people on Friday evening.

Louisiana, Indiana, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas and Massachusetts issued similar statements applied on Monday issue. Islamic state the militant group has taken all of responsible for this claimed to killing 130 people of both France and Jerman.

About seven of the perpetrators has died within the assaults, and one in all them is proposal to be a Syrian who entered Europe through Greece with migrants.

More than thousands of Syrians have fled to neighboring nations and to different Europe countries and the US has promised to take about 10,000 Syrian refugees within the next 1 year. When the Alabama state would accepted no Syrian refugees, For safe the possible risk or attract to the Alabamians people and neighbor countries, the governor of southern state`s said.

Governor Snyder has mentioned he’s going to droop the acceptance of latest refugees except the U.S. Division of place of origin safety “completes a full review of safety clearances and approaches”. There are some powerful group have said they can take more than 10000 Syrian refugees buy not now it will possible after control of this current situation.

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