Lu Wei is head of China’s State Internet Information Office, a man they call “the gatekeeper of the Chinese internet.” According to him, the world’s most infamous and goal-oriented arrangement of Internet restriction is very “administration.“ said China does not blue pencil but rather “oversees” web content in Zhejiang on Wednesday.

A senior Chinese authority known as the “guardian” of the nation’s web has denied that the nation edits online data.

“It is an abuse of words in the event that you say ‘content oversight.’ But no control does not mean there is no administration. The Chinese government learnt how to deal with the web from Western created nations, we have not learnt enough yet,” Lu said, by distributed by Xinhua news office.

Lu went ahead to say the Chinese government hinders some remote sites in light of the fact that it “has the privilege to pick companions.”

“With respect to who goes to my home, in reality I need to pick [to make sure] the individuals who come are companions. We don’t welcome the individuals who win China’s cash, take China’s business sector, and after that criticism China.”

Lu is known for his candid character and his discussions about ensuring China’s “web sway.” The 55-year-old was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most compelling individuals on the planet this year for his energy to choose what 650 million Chinese netizens are permitted to see. The New York Times called him “the guard of the Chinese web.”

“The Chinese government learnt how to manage the internet from other most developed countries, we have not known how to better maintain it.”

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