US famous rapper Nicki Minaj has gone ahead with a concert in Angola despite a rights group asking her to cancel it. The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) said in a letter that the cash to pay her originated from “government debasement and human rights infringement” on Saturday.

The Christmas occasion was facilitated by cellular telephone organization Unitel, which is part-claimed by the group of Angola’s President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Since the end of the contention in 2002, Africa’s second-biggest oil maker has seen a financial blast, however pundits of the chose government say the riches has just profited a little tip top.

HRF’s Thor Halvorssen wrote in the letter to Minaj a week ago that her support in an execution supported by a legislature “included in gross human rights infringement would be dishonorable”.

Mr Halvorssen calls attention to that Unitel is controlled by Isabel dos Santos, little girl of the president and said to be Africa’s wealthiest lady.

Two days after the allegation, Ms Dos Santos’ organization Fidequity issued an announcement demanding it is an autonomous organization and does not utilize open assets.

Before going in front of an audience on Saturday, Minaj posted a photograph of herself with Angola’s banner on Instagram alongside one of her posturing with Isabel dos Santos with the words: “She’s simply the eighth wealthiest lady on the planet.


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