Nicki Minaj finally come back Instagram and Twitter after two weeks. She was absent from all kinds of social media about two weeks. Nicki Minaj is the famous celebrity of fashion, rapper and songwriter.

Nicki Minaj upload two photographs with her boyfriend Meek Mill on November 15 which like a gorgeous look. Nicki Minaj was looking very happy with her boyfriend in that party and like positive spending time with her beau. She didn’t write any caption when she share photographs in both.

Before some days, Nicki Minaj normally used her social media Instagram and Twitter page express yourself and promote her page, her fashion line and her own collection, her fashionable dress etc. Her upcoming shape will be available @ KMart on Black (Pink) Friday, She tweeted on November 13. With she also post some fashionable images of her collection and fashion product.

One of the vital pix she leaned on him, but the second showed the pair together with different company who sat on the equal table with them.

When she keeps herself hide from social media, her personal and Instagram and Twitter page fans previously worried about this kinds of activities because she is active social media user. “Where tf are you? You can`t simply ditch us like this” and “the place are you?! I omit you a lot!” have been one of the most tweets the enthusiasts posted to exhibit how much they overlooked the celebrity.

Minaj was the primary feminine artist incorporated on MTV’s Annual hottest MC record, with the New York instances’ editor Brent Staples announcing that some remember her “the most influential female rapper of all time”. Her rapping is distinctive for its rapid waft and the use of alter egos and accents, notably British cockney. Minaj is famous for her colorful costumes and wigs.


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