We are very near to post-antibiotic era. Recently scientists have warned us about the effectiveness of antibiotic will soon come to an end. They predict this after finding bacteria resistant to drugs used as all other treatments have not met with the success. Their report have found bacteria able to shrug off colistin in patients and livestock in China.


They warned the resistance would spread around us and may increase the spectre of untreatable infections. The scientists are calling for global awareness as the bacteria becoming totally resistant to treatment that is also known as “the antibiotic apocalypse” which may could bring the dark ages again to the human being.

Bacteria resistant

Here it should be noted that common infections would kill once again and the problem with the surgery and cancer therapies which are reliant on antibiotics that would be under in threat.

Moreover Chinese scientists recently identified a new kind of mutation, dubbed the MCR-1 gene that caused colistin from killing bacteria. And this resistant had spread between a range of bacterial stains and species and including E- coli, Klebsiella pseumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. And it is matter of worry that there is evidence that it has already spread to Laos and Malaysia.

Prof Timothy Walsh, one of the researcher of this experiment said that all the key players are now in place to make possible the post-antibiotic era in reality. The sorrow is that if it happens then a patient somehow if seriously ill like say with E. coli then  there is virtually nothing that you can do.

Another famous Prof Mark Wilcox said that the transfer of this resistant gene is ridiculously high that doesn’t seem look good at all. He also stated that there was no single event that would mark the start of the antibiotic apocalypse but it was clear we are gradually losing the battle.

The concern about this issue that the new resistant gene will hook up with others plaguing hospitals, that are leading to bacteria resistant to all treatment which is commonly known as pan-resistance.

Prof Mark Wilcox is doubt about the time when it happen and the time may be this year, next year or it’s very hard to say. But early indications suggest that the Chinese government should move swiftly to address the problem.

Professor Walsh is now meeting with the both the agricultural and health ministries this weekend to discuss about this matter and whether colistin should be forbidden for agricultural  purpose.

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