This is the first time the space explorer’s famous org. NASA gets numerous applications for astronauts which makes a record in its history that more than 13300 want to join NASA’s 2017 space traveler class, far surpassing the past record of 8,000 in 1978.

The quantity of applicant that the organization has gotten for the 2017 space explorer class is just about three times the quantity of uses got in 2012 for the latest space traveler class, NASA said.

“It’s not in the slightest degree astounding to me that such a variety of Americans from assorted foundations need to by and by add to pioneering the trail on our voyage to Mars,” said NASA manager Charlie Bolden in an announcement on Friday. “A couple extraordinarily skilled men and ladies will turn into the space explorers picked in this gathering who will at the end of the day dispatch to space from US soil on American-made shuttle,” Bolden noted.

NASA would like to report its determinations in mid-2017.

Applications opened on December 14, and shut Thursday, however that is only the start of a 18-month prepare that will end with the determination of 8-14 people for the chance to end up space traveler competitors.

In the middle of sometimes, NASA’s Astronaut Selection Board will survey the applications, evaluating every hopeful’s capabilities.

The board will then welcome the most profoundly qualified contender to the office’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for meetings before the last choice is made and the new space traveler applicants report to Johnson for preparing. In the wake of reporting at Johnson, the space traveler applicants will experience around two years of starting preparing on shuttle frameworks, spacewalking aptitudes and collaboration, Russian dialect and other essential abilities.

The individuals who finish the preparation will be given specialized obligations inside of the Astronaut Office at Johnson before being alloted on any of four distinctive shuttle: the International Space Station, NASA’s Orion rocket for profound space investigation, or one of two American-made business team shuttle right now being developed – Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner or the SpaceX Crew Dragon, NASA said.

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