A student of final year of the famous org. IIT Kharagpur is Vatsalya Singh Chauhan, who is the child of a welder in Bihar, has packed away an occupation with US-based Microsoft with a yearly beginning salary at initial stage of Rs 1.02 crore.

My father didn't Believe I've Got Rs 1 Crore Microsoft job Vatsalya Singh Chauhan..

The 21-year-old Vatsalya Singh Chauhan, who packed away the fantasy work, hails from Khagariya town in the eastern state where his dad runs a little welding workshop. IIT Kharagpur Director Partha Pratim Chakraborty in his Facebook page yesterday congratulated Vatsalya.

Vatsalya says he had conquer a poor execution in 2009 at a training foundation here to clear the IIT placement test with an All-India Rank of 382.

“I was offered Rs 1.02 crore for each annum salary bundle by Microsoft and I will be joining in October this year,” he said. He is very happy and said that, it was my hobby and knock at door to fulfill it. I think everybody need to plan and dream to expect high ambition for leading in the technological world.

He attributes his prosperity to two instructors who guided and roused him to get a hold of himself when he had chosen to surrender and return home. Vatsalya’s dad, Chandra Kant Singh Chauhan, said he is elated at his child’s prosperity and needs him to convey pride to his nation.

“My 20-year-long commitment has yielded result and my fantasy has worked out as expected. My child is presently leaving India and I need that he ought to work for the nation to commend the country’s name abroad,” he said. And he is feeling proud for it to work abroad and increase goodwill of our country.

Chandra Kant, who has two more children and three girls said he has now sent one of his little girls to Kota to get ready for medicinal selection test.

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