An American Muslim woman wears American flag hijab  that goes viral in social media. To amid anti-Muslim sentiment in Ameriac following the Paris attack she did this on Fox News by displaying her both faith and patriotism by donning a stars and stripes hijab.

Her name is Saba Ahmed and she is the founder of the Republic Muslim Coalition. She appeared with this dress on Megyn Kelly’s news programme to defend Muslim American’s right to continue their religion freely and the constitutional right of one’s religion. She tries to draw the attention by covering herself an American flag hijab.

She said that it happened in last minute decision to wear this hijab. She was actually thought to wear a purple headscarf but it changed into it advised by staffs at Fox.

She also stated that it was beautiful said by the ladies staffs and at last she dropped her plan to covering it with the purple scarf.

She attended the programme to be against of a spokesperson for Donald Trump who stated that mosques in the US should be closed to prevent terrorism.

SabaahmedBy wearing this hijab she was trying to understand to all that we are Americans, we are Muslims and we are Republicans. The nation should accommodate and accepted all Muslims.

Her such selection of clothing brought a stir on social media. Some users have admired her patriotism while some other criticized her. On the other hand some other took the point to show how frequently the US flag is worn as an image of patriotism telling that if you admit American flag for bikinis and panties then a Muslim American woman’s using of American flag for hijab is a non-issue.

However, such responses have not worried Ahmed stating that as a lot of people are ignorant about Islam, so lots of users on Twitter gave negative responses.

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