In this film in the first scene Mr. Bean was looking exited for his examination and was going to give the exam. After arriving in the exam hall he sits on his seat. Then he was looking towards all the examiners as well as towards his partner’s too. Then he puts his alarm clock on the table by following him. Then the partner took out a pencil from his pocket and put it on the table. By seeing this Mr. Bean had put all of his pens and papers on the table.

When the bell rang everyone was started to solving the question. Suddenly Mr. Bean found that he was studied the wrong answers. Then as usual he was trying to do something with his tricks. By blowing his paper he was moving towards his partner in order to copying his answer sheet. Then he dropped the pencil to play a trick to copy his partner’s answer script. But he failed every time.

After completing writing the partner took out a green piece of paper. Then Mr. Bean realized that he took out the wrong white piece of paper. Then he found the right paper inside the form. He found that he knew all the answers. He started to writing fast. But Alas!!! It was too late. The teacher was announcing to finish writing and bell rang. Then Mr. Bean started crying and started to break his clock.

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