Drugs already developed to treat bacterial infection can be re-purposed to cure the mosquito-borne viral disease dengue, Australian researchers have found.The researchers from University of Queensland recognized similitudes in how the body responded to dengue infection and bacterial diseases.

As medications for bacterial contaminations are now accessible, the specialists trust that clinical trials for a dengue fever treatment could begin inside of a year. “We have found that the dengue infection NS1 protein goes about as a poison in the body, in a comparative way to the way bacterial cell divider items lead to septic stun in bacterial contaminations,” said Paul Young, teacher at University of Queensland.

“For as far back as 20 to 30 years, scientists and pharmaceutical organizations have been creating drug contender to restrain the body’s harming reactions to these bacterial diseases. So medications are as of now accessible that have experienced stage three clinical trials,” Young said. Dengue infection is evaluated to taint up to 400 million individuals all inclusive every year. The World Health Organization positions it as the most vital mosquito-borne viral illness on the planet.

Professor Young said mosquito-borne dengue infection was an expanding issue in tropical and sub-tropical ranges, with more than 2.5 billion individuals in more than 100 nations at danger of contamination.

Dengue normally causes a weakening fever yet can advance to possibly deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue stun disorder. “Regardless of this critical worldwide wellbeing load, no antibody or medication has yet been authorized,” Young pointed out.

“I trust our revelations in the lab will mean the patient bedside and in the long run offer the individuals who some assistance with suffering from dengue contamination around the globe,” said doctoral understudy Naphak Modhiran, who originated from Thailand to take a shot at the undertaking.

The findings were detailed in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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