Microsoft is one of the famous and largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry. Microsoft Windows operating system is now the most widely used operating system in the present world

In 1985, most PCs kept running on charge line working frameworks. That implied, with a specific end goal to inspire them to do anything, the client needed to physically include to a great extent arcane guidelines.

The most famous summon line working framework was MS-DOS, delivered by Microsoft and broadly utilized because of a permit understanding Microsoft had with equipment creator IBM.

Many other PC producers likewise introduced MS-DOS on their machines, making it by a wide margin the prevailing working framework.

In any case, the restrictions of summon line working frameworks got to be clear when Apple discharged its Macintosh, the first famous PC to utilize a representation interface working framework and make an element out of how simple and natural it was to utilize.

Interestingly, buyers could appreciate drop-down menus, a mouse-driven pointer, and virtual catches on the screen. “Despite the fact that the Mac OS was extremely primitive in 1984-5, it still just worked all the more consistently,” PC student of history David Greelish said.

Microsoft has lost ground to Apple as of late as buyers progressively swing to cell phones. Be that as it may, Windows, in its numerous variants, still keeps running on more than seventy five percent of the world’s PCs.

“Apple, as they do today, they constructed the equipment, and they fabricated the product. To keep running on it was significantly more consistent.”

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