In the event that you claim a Surface Pro, you might need to be cautious utilizing it for the following short time. Microsoft tells Channelnomics that it’s arranging a willful review for the force lines on each Surface Pro tablet discharged before the Pro 4 and sold before a specific period (March 2015 in the US, July fifteenth in Europe). The tech monster cautions that the AC power link could trigger a flame in the event that it’s injury too firmly or generally harmed. Just a “little” number of individuals have reported issues, Microsoft says, however the organization isn’t taking any risks.

You’ll have the opportunity to arrange a free substitution link beginning on January 22nd. Microsoft hasn’t said when you can hope to get it via the post office, however it’s sheltered to say that you’ll just need to utilize your current link just as much as vital until the fresher, more secure model arrives.

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