Sean Penn  the Oscar-winning artist rejected Mexico’s claim on Friday that his mystery meeting with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was significant to the medication kingpin’s recover, saying authorities were attempting to place him in the focus of the dreaded cartel.

Penn likewise told anchor person Charlie Rose that he laments the aftermath from the Rolling Stone article in light of his meeting with Guzman. Their meeting in a wilderness refuge was the first meeting anybody scored with the outlaw medication ruler, and Penn said he had trusted it would goad a more extensive exchange on the medication war.

“Yes,” Penn answered. “There is this myth about the visit that we made, my partners and I with El Chapo, that it was… “Key” to his catch,” Penn said. “We know the Mexican government, they plainly were embarrassed by the idea that somebody discovered him before they did,” included Penn.

The artist, who has won Oscars for ” Mystic River ” and “Milk,” said he met Guzman “numerous weeks” prior to his capture, in an area a long way from where the kingpin fell into police hands in northern Mexico six months subsequent to arranging an astounding jail break through a passage in his cell floor.

Moving Stone distributed Penn’s article on Saturday, a day after Guzman’s recover. The piece refered to the medication ruler gloating about pirating drugs into the United States, and about washing sick gotten picks up. Guzman’s legal advisor on Wednesday blamed Penn for lying, and said he ought to be called to give proof. “He (Guzman) couldn’t have made these cases… Mr Guzman is an intense man, extremely wise,” Juan Pablo Badillo said. “Where’s the evidence? Where’s the sound?”

An administration representative said on Tuesday that Mexico was not straightforwardly researching Penn nor his buddy, on-screen character Kate del Castillo, yet rather the circumstances around the meeting.

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