‘Transformers’ hero actor “Mark Wahlberg”, who starred in ‘Transformers’ and its seculars, has confirmed that he will star in the upcoming 5th instalment of the favorite ‘Transformers’ franchise. Though many of us expected it, we now know with absolute certainty that Mark Wahlberg entering this installment.

While at the debut of his new drama, Daddy’s Home, featuring himself, Will Ferrell, and Linda Cardellini, Wahlberg affirmed to Cinepop he will be back for Transformers 5.

Mark Wahlberg`s fourth film, “Age of Extinction,” Wahlberg played Cade Yeager, a Texas inventor and robot  who was also very fruitful  of his kids, Nicola Peltz’s Tessa Yeager. Transformers: Age of Extinction grossed over $1.1 billion at the world box office all the four movie`s combined to a total gross over $3.7 billion in worldwide.

Wahlberg uncovered the news in a meeting on TV appear ‘CinePop’, reports aceshowbiz.com. Asked whether he would return as the main character for the following “Transformers” motion picture, Wahlberg basically said: “Yes”.

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While there is no affirmed storyline for the film, the continuation of ‘Time of Extinction’ is accepted to occur on both earth and in space, as Optimus Prime chases down the Quintessons. The fifth film is allegedly Optimus Prime’s last motion picture, in light of the fact that he will be supplanted by Ultra Magnus. Decepticons like Cyclonus, Galvatron and Unicorn are relied upon to show up in the forthcoming film also.

The establishment’s executive, Michael Bay, is required to return for the fifth portion, however he hasn’t authoritatively affirmed. The film is slated to discharge in 2017.

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