Manchester City want Neymar to play in their team. Recently that disclosed by the Pep Guardiola. Yes, Pep Guardiola, who signed on November 26 for the English team, will have full powers to decide the signings. One of them could be Neymar.

If Neymar join at Man City that will be the very big shot for them. And also may be it will be record transfer amount in the history of Football. Barcelona will get money but they will lost their energy as well as they will lost their MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) attack. MSN attack is the best attack in the history without any doubt any one can say. Barcelona can do anything in Football with MSN attack.

On other hand Man City will be the full of power for their attacking side if they get Neymar. Okay, whatever it is, we are waiting to see what are going to happen about the big transfer issues.

Now the football lover want to see the exact timing of transfer and also where the Brazilian Super star want to go. My be Neymar want to stay Barcelona to play beside Messi.

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