Fian Ayub, a 22years Syrian girl made a history to marry with Radwan Bizar in war affected Syrian town Kobani. Such celebration was not easy as one think and they make it success where every moment is risky and may come to an end due to multi-dimensional war that has been started since from few years ago. Thousands of people have already lost their life and many  are living under the open sky having no security of food and shelter. They are always under threat and they even take the life risky to go abroad in the deadliest way of ocean waterways whereas at present the word “refugee” is in the top of news worldwide.

SyriaPhilosophically the life goes on and there is no obstacle that can stop human from their usual activities of their lifestyle. In such a worst situation posing for pictures on their wedding day, Ayub and her groom Radwan’s charming smiles showed nothing any destruction and despair that, their city had suffered over the war. Whatever we could see all buildings bear the sign of mass destruction what already have happened in Syria and make their life too difficult to run.

Ayub significantly praised her city and still contains her love and relation telling that the city is the most beautiful city to her than any other city. She explained how she would meet with her husband Bizar, who is a journalist, came to her city to prepare a story on this war affected place and finally they converted into spouse in their real life.

Bizar insisted that it bears no pride to make their celebration outside of their  country suggested by their relatives and it is a matter of pride and dignity while going into the history that people think marriage is one of the best celebration to their life.

In spite of their life at stake they have decided to stay in their homeland and even they are not leaving anymore.

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