Muhammad Aamir Hussain Khan born in 14 March 1965. He is strongest actor in Indian film industry. He is also successful as a director, producer, social worker, television personality, screen writer and philanthropist. He played his first screen play at childhood in his Uncle Nasir Hossain’s film Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973). But he started as professional after 11 years letter. He became tennis champion for Maharashtra. “Qayamat se Qayamat Tak” was the first success of his film career. Aamir Khan falls in love with the girl next door. He proposed her when he was 21. She accepted it. They got married.

Mr. Perfectionist! This name can explain a shortly his lifestyle clearly. He also had known as Tom Hank of India and Ace of India. Several of his relatives from film industry of India. That’s why he got a better chance from his childhood to learn about film characteristics. He is a perfect and most successful man in Indian film industry. As a social worker he also fame in India. Styamev Jayate, Incredible India, Thumbs up for the Rights of LGBT community is TV commercials as like social work Aamir manage this in proper guide line. He is doing other social activities as usually.
He is also a father. He has tow Childress, a son name Junaid and a daughter Ira. But after the divorce in December 2002, Reena took custody of both children.

He is very passionate for his film. In every film he tries to give full energy for his work and he is success. He likes to change his appearances with his projected film. We can see this kind of changes in many films of Aamir like Ghajini, Dhoom 3, 3 idiots, PK etc.

Aamir never take extra salt in his food it can be major food habit of Aamir Khan, and it is really good for health. Otherwise he has no problem yet with his other foods.

If we see a complete Ammir’s lifestyle we can get a sensitive, responsive, humble and proper guided picture of a successful lifestyle. And it is Aamir who is familiar as a perfect guy in Bollywood. That’s why it’s easy to say, He is the Mr. Perfectionist.

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