Yes, today i am going to introduce you with world richest guys life story with a title Life story of Bill Gates. The mathematics teacher fades right known about bill gates very well and he introduced bill gates with a very rare thing which is not familiar to maximum peoples that is computer science. Lexa is one of the best schools in this world which have computer. On that time computers were so much big just like a room. In the era of 60s computers were used only for calculation and complex work.

To know how does a computer works that was the main purpose of bill gates on that time. His improvement made his teacher amazing. His teachers tried to help him to know about computer but bill didn’t take their help.

On 12 years old bill gates thought that only computer can change a man’s life style. He could realize that software can make work easy to us. In 1968, he met with a boy named poll Allen who was 2 years senior to him. They were a good friend in a few moments. In their life’s first computer they invented together. They made software which could easily give class schedule. Very emergent part of Life story of Bill Gates may is it?

Life story of Bill GatesThe principal of his school first gave them a prize which was 500 dollar. On that day bill realized that computer program can be a good business. Bill was very much able to make any kind of program. There are several reason why i go for to write about Life story of Bill Gates.

In the era of 60s when programming was a good business that time bill gates thought that he make program and sell them in the market. But his parents didn’t give any concentration to him. On that time maximum guardian were unfamiliar to computer program.

Study in Harvard University:

Bill got admitted into Harvard University to study in law. This university was waiting for a big programmer. That was unknown to all students of Harvard University. In 1974 the life history of bill gates was totally changed. “Altair 8800” computer was first PC in the world. When i going to explain about Life story of Bill Gates than i need to mention a things Bill Gates just drop out himself from the University.

His classmate Monte said that, on that time computer was only a metal box. It had not any windows, word, excel, program, software and nothing. Bill gates didn’t want to miss this chance anymore. Bill and poll took a decision that they make such a computer from that computer which can be used by general peoples. They decided that they will make some program for that computer. They worked together one month for day and night. For making program bill and poll used their university computer which was against the rules of their university.

Invention of first Program:

They made a program and put it into a floppy disk. Bill sold that program to first microcomputer seller for 3000 dollar. Bill wished that he will start a successful software business. The first step of his business was making program. He wanted to be first inventor for making computer program. First program invention definitely the most turning point of Life story of Bill Gates.

The capital of his business was selling program. In 1975 bill and poll together launched a small company. They gave a name of their company “Micro Soft”. This name was their work introduced. Micro means small and soft means software. The business was so much challenging on that time. On that time small amount of people were come to them. The future of that business was unsure. For business purpose bill leaved Harvard University. Bill didn’t study anymore.

Starting business:

They took an office around 100 square meters and started their business on 8th floor. In 1978 Microsoft was a small company which has 11 employees. They were main team of Microsoft. Bill gates secretary Myriam Lubow was with him from beginning of their business. She remembered her old memory and said that a young boy bill was his boss. She didn’t understand how a small boy can be her boss.

Bill gates always involved in his work and he had a goal to improve his business. Young bill gates thought about his business and didn’t give any concentrate to his own. He loved to drive his car in full speed. All things were a challenge to him that he tried to overcome. To start business is most highlighted part of Life story of Bill Gates.

Committed with IBM:

When only 24 years old he committed with a business named IBM which was big multinational company in America and its employee was 350000 all over the world.

In 1980 the bigger computer of IBM was only doing their business in cyber world. But situation was changing. In market minicomputer was getting more demand day by day. IBM made their personal computer PC. Though this machine looked smooth but for working its need a brain named operating system. Operating system was not on that computer. On that time bill gate took a challenge to make operating system for IBM. He started working for IBM and that was so much harder than before. But bill told lie with IBM. He bought operating system from a company with 50000 dollar. Bill gates changed the program name MS-DOS. He thought that he will not sell the system to IBM. He sold minicomputer to IBM.

In 1981 during summer season in only 3 months 50000 computers were sold. In America school, office, house was started to using computer all over. Microsoft took an important place in cyber world.

In 1983 the business was reached to 10 cores. On that time bill gates was 27 years old. His personal property was more than 7 cores.

In 1984 the time magazine published news for bill gates named computer software “The Magic Inside the Machine”. Microsoft was the media for published more than IBM. But bill was not satisfied with it.

Invention of Apple:

Being world’s only famous person was a challenge for bill gates. His competitor was Steve jobs. He was 27 years old nearer to bill gates. He started a computer company named “Apple”. The difference between bill and Steve is bill made computer. Steve jobs made a computer that gave a big challenge to success of bill. Mouse was first use on that computer named Mac. Apple first made this operating system which is easy to use by all include child. Mac was forward for 10 years long more than IBM.

Bill wanted to know this hidden work and make same operating system like Apple. Bill wanted to sell that system to the opposition of Mac. The engineers of Mac were not aware about their operating system. Bill invented their hidden work.

Life story of Bill GatesInvention of windows:

After some days bill published a new operating system in the market named “Windows”. Bill gave it to the opposition party of Apple. The price of Windows was half of Apple. For that Apple will not take a challenge with Windows. That was the main success of windows.

In the next 10 years 95% peoples all over the world are using bill gates windows operating system. In 1995 bill gates reached a successful moment when he was 40 years old. There was no opposition to his company. The new headquarter of Microsoft was a big campus like a big city in a city.

The big success of bill gates was making amazed whole America. The newspaper gave him a name “Master of the Universe”. His name was published as world’s 95th richest person. The amount of his property was 130 core dollars.

Bill Gates house:

He made his dream house costs 10 core dollar around 5000 square meters which is situated nearer from the headquarter of Microsoft company. The house is made by 20 rooms, bathroom 24 and kitchen 6. He lived this house with his wife and 3 children that was more than enough for them.

Invention of Netscape:

In the era of 90s computer made a great change in the world. On that time a few amount of people were used internet. Michel toy was an engineer to first internet named “Netscape”. In 1994 this browser came to market and became famous very fast. Netscape was free of cost for download. Those houses have computer they can download Netscape. Netscape was becoming unbelievable famous all over the world and changed the picture of internet world.
For the opposition of Netscape Microsoft was published a new internet browser named “Explore the Internet”. For making a competition bill published his internet browser in the market free of cost. In 1998 Netscape was lost from the world and bill won the internet business. For making competition bill took an illegal way.

In 19 October 1998, America started to judgment for bill gates if he took an illegal way. The whole world was looking to this judgment. The judgment divisions of USA made a critical crime file for bill. On that time his existence was in trouble. If he failed in that judgment Microsoft will be lost from the whole world.

Life story of Bill Gates“What was the illegal way which used by Microsoft?”

On that time which computer sold that had auto load the windows software all over the world. So that nobody can install Netscape. The case of the opposite party was strong. Bill was trying to blackmail Netscape Company. During the period of judgment peoples was seen another bill gates. He was silent for his crime. He didn’t give any answer. His silence was made peoples amaze. His personality was loosed for his crime. Peoples were making cartoon for him. He lost his self confidence. The case was made him broke down. So much rough things is it for the Life story of Bill Gates.

In 2002 court announced his guilty. He realized that his personality was lost and he tried to make it positive very soon. He started to give money to poor peoples. He made a foundation for poverty detection. He gave 240 core dollars to that foundation for poor peoples. In 2005 Time magazine give him an award named years top man. Now his work is making the world beautiful.

In 2008 June the world news publish about him when he leave from his position from Microsoft. Now he is involve with helping people.

Finally i want to make discussion about Life story of Bill Gates where i really got the inspirational point about his life. So much tough condition he surpassed with his extraordinary talent ideas in business. If you read the Life story of Bill Gates then you will get the best accommodate ideas to start business and motivation.

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