In territories controlled by the gathering that calls itself Islamic State the punishment for beheading so as to identify with the Western media is demise, so it took valor and conviction for Mohammed to accumulate this journal of life in Raqqa, the capital of IS’s self-announced caliphate. And life inside IS how terrific, the journalist just identified this issue.

Having seen of life inside IS companions and relatives butchered, his group’s life smashed and the neighborhood economy destroyed by these infamous radicals, Mohammed (not his genuine name) trusts he’s battling back by advising the BBC what is going on to his cherished city.

1. The day IS initially entered my cherished city

Mohammed discovers his dad dead and mother gravely harmed taking after an air strike. In the wake of communicating his displeasure about executions in the avenues, he is sentenced to 40 lashes. (In the same way as other Arabic speakers, Mohammed alludes to IS as “Daesh”.)


2. Aggressors are wandering the avenues searching for spies

Mohammed is lashed, witnesses extortionate assessment requests made by IS (which he calls Daesh) and sees a young lady stoned to death in an opening by the roadside.


3. I have to quit imagining and concentrate on staying alive about life inside IS

A neighbor’s home is besieged, IS bans shops from offering TVs and Mohammed battles to bear the cost of nourishment for his gang.


4. Sentenced to death for missing a Sharia class

Petition to God looks at are carried in the city, a man is requested to go to necessary Sharia classes since his trousers are too long and Mohammed is encouraged to concentrate on the future and disregard the present.


5. I see a man who has been killed and decapitated

Intensely burdened nourishments accumulate dust in the shops. Mohammed tries to comfort the stressed mother of a companion whose child has been captured. At the point when his beheaded body is found outside her home Mohammed chooses it’s a great opportunity to leave Raqqa.


At different focuses amid the accumulation of these journals my maker on BBC Radio 4’s Today program and I were not able contact Mohammed, and alerts started ringing. Now and again five or six days would go with no reaction to our inquiries regarding whether he was good and ready to go ahead.

On one event news contacted us of the homicide of two Raqqa activists who had gotten away to Turkey. Having figured out how to escape over the outskirt from Syria they presumably expected they were sheltered. Be that as it may, both were discovered decapitated. IS later asserted obligation.

Joyfully we figured out how to reach our diarist two or after three days and heard he was still perfectly healthy in Raqqa. Be that as it may, no less than eight other against IS activists have been murdered thusly, the majority of them inside Syria.

Following IS took control of Raqqa, a little more than two years back, the city has turned out to be always segregated from the outside world. Regular citizens are banned from leaving the city without authorization, watching worldwide TV, or talking by telephone to anybody considered a foe of IS.

To lessen the dangers to our diarist we have withheld his name and done our best to expel anything thing from his record that may prompt him, or those he knows, from being recognized. Some different points of interest from his journals have likewise been changed where essential for comparative reasons. Be that as it may, there is no real way to totally secure any individual who stands up in the way that he and his kindred activists do.

Courtesy: BBC


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