Need to character an actor can do anything, sometimes it will impossible or danger. Like this theme, Leonardo DiCaprio ate bison liver while filming ‘The Revenant’ which is not possible for everyone it is possible only for a real actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio went hard and fast to get into his 1820s hide trapper character for ‘The Revenant’ and chose to eat buffalo liver.

The Hollywood on-screen character asked to chow down on the genuine article in light of the fact that he was concerned the fake liver made by the props office from jam wouldn’t look right on the film, yet he didn’t appreciate eating the uncooked meat.

He said: “The terrible part is the film around it. It’s similar to an inflatable. When you nibble into it, it rushes in your mouth.” Chief Alejandro G. Inarritu was concerned DiCaprio may get sick from expending the crude liver, however he now supposes it added a considerable measure to the 41-year-old star’s execution. He said: “Without it, he might not have gotten to reality.”leonardo-di-caprio-the-revenant-2

In the motion picture, DiCaprio depicts whiskery hide trapper Hugh Glass, who sets out on a way of retaliation against his chasing group who left him for dead after a bear battering. The strategy performing artist has kidded that the ragged facial hair he required for the part felt like a wife on the grounds that he had it for so long.

He mixed it up: “I had that whiskers for eighteen months.”It gets to be similar to a companion. You lay down with it. It was similar to shaving off fears.”

“We had to fly the ants in. Two flights, because some of them died in the first flight. They were panicked by the altitude. They fly first-class!” Inarritu added.

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