The Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence learn Spanish language from Venezuelan performer Edgar Ramirez. Venezuelan performer Edgar Ramirez confirm this news recently. Russell’s new motion picture “Satisfaction”.

The performer plays wannabe artist Tony Miranne, who is the ex of the main character, an independent lady who manufactures a business realm in view of her imaginativeness and deals abilities, and regardless of having every one of the odds don’t look good for her.

The film depends on the genuine story of business person Joy Mangano.

Ramirez, who appeared in American motion pictures with “The Bourne Ultimatum”, said he was keen on the character he plays in “Delight” on the grounds that it was about a man who “conflicts with the macho tenets forced by society”.

Ramirez said his character was a sample of “genuine romance”, subsequent to the ex, an eventual vocalist who never fully made it, retires his fantasies keeping in mind the end goal to help the mother of his youngsters.

“I think one about the most excellent things about affection is offering the individual you some assistance with loving turn into as well as can be expected be,” he said. Also, his ex does only that, turning into a gigantic accomplishment in the business world.

“More men stay home to bring up children nowadays, without feeling that their virility is being addressed,” he said.

Conceived in San Cristobal in Venezuela 38 years back, Ramirez’s dad was in the military, a calling that required numerous excursions abroad and the resulting need to learn diverse dialects, which in the end offered the performer some assistance with working outside his nation of root.

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