Pop star Katy Perry says if not a singer she would have wanted to fill in as a fashion stylist.

The 31-year-old “Roar” hitmaker still cherishes sprucing up her friend and cravings to work in the design business, reported People magazine. She like to fashion form childhood and much interested to it. Now she is a famous pop star her reputation is much higher achieving it by much hard work. She says she dosen`t miss any kinds of fashion or related types of program if she has much time.

“I’d presumably need to work in the design business. I would likely be a beautician. I cherish making looks; I do it with every one of my sweethearts,” Perry said. With regards to her looks the songstress likes to go striking.

She still could, if she make a decides to come back from singing, however there is one noteworthy barricade: dispatching and accepting. “In the event that piece of being a beautician is FedEx, I am not awesome with that,” says Perry. Be that as it may, she’s willing to move her sleeves up and work her way up “from the base if need be.”

“I jump at the chance to play and have a ton of fun. When I make a look it’s a huge look, more often than not,” she said.

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