Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor starrer ‘Ki and Ka’ will be an altogether different sort of film where Arjun will be assuming the part of a househusband and Kareena Kapoor will assume the part of a working lady who goes out and acquires for the house. This crisp Jodi is as of now making a buzz around as the Jodi is distinctive as is the idea of the film. In any case, do you realize that Kareena Kapoor is so glad and inspired with her on screen spouse Arjun Kapoor. Kareena has been appreciating Arjun Kapoor since they began the advancements of the film. This is just the same old thing new, however. Each on-screen character/on-screen character by and large appreciates their co-star amid advancements. In any case, Kareena Kapoor Khan proceeded.

At a late occasion, Arjun Kapoor actually cooked some delectable sustenance for her onscreen wife to inspire her and to make her taste the nourishment. Who wouldn’t be awed by this sweet signal? This made her day and she said, After watching the measure of work Arjun does, principle Saif ko chodhke Arjun se shaadi kar lungi. I will leave Saif and get hitched to Arjun Kapoor.

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