JINS’ Meme MT glasses can gauge your running walk and pace. JINS’ weariness following smart-glasses have another running-fixated relative: the Meme MT. At the Japanese glasses producers’ leader store in Harajuku, JINS is putting forth free trials for anybody intrigued, yet maybe faltering on that 19,000 yen ($160) sticker price. Like the components we saw on the first Meme glasses, sensors and gyros inside the casings offer exceptionally itemized measurements – enough for programming and calculations to pump running information including your focal point of gravity, walk and pace to the partner running application. The glasses creator has been making a slow push into the US, propelling another lead store in the informal home of wearable tech: San Francisco. Still, no word yet on when or whether it’ll be putting forth its smart-glasses choices there, then again.

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