ISIS terror group is the threat of the whole country. Recently it try to hacked world famous search engine google but they fain their mission. Hackers affiliated to ISIS bunch who guaranteed to bring down International search engine Google has rather focused on a little Indian tech firm, as indicated by different media.

Cyber Caliphate Army (CCA), a hacking bunch associated to ISIS, hit – enrolled by Gandani K for Indian tech firm Always Say, which offers site improvement (SEO) administrations to neighborhood customers.

By site, CCA had vowed on messaging app Telegram they would attack Google on Monday. “We guaranteed to hack Google. Keep the guarantee inshallah (God willing), expect us today,” the gathering pronounced.

However, the site asserts that a couple of hours after the fact they had rather mutilated the site – which is totally random to the Silicon Valley based Google. After it was hacked, the site played an Islamic State (ISIS) tune in French and uprooted the official logo alongside a sign saying “Hacked By: CCA”.

The CCA’s “disfigurement of the site” was fleeting up ’til now another programmer gathering called “n3far1ous” wiped out the ISIS message and supplanted it with an “Eat this, ISIS” message, and a stone tune playing out of sight.

The CCA professedly hacked into 35 British sites, which have all the earmarks of being an arbitrary blend of generally little British organizations, media reports said.

The sites hacked into incorporate a Japanese move teacher’s site, an organization offering furniture and cover deck and a salon. ISIS programmers professedly said that the assaults were “A message to David Cameron” as requital for the murdering of British Muslim terrorist Junaid Hussain, who was slaughtered in a US-drove air strike a year ago.

The assaults take after genius ISIS programmers’ dangers that they would focus on the originator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey for shutting down their social media accounts.

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