World pop star Justin Bieber and famous are now just friend but they don`t want to get back in their previous relation, they don`t want to remain that. After getting some series of photograph and spending some time together circulated online.

There were theories that the two may accommodate as significant others, reported People magazine.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a great relation in previous time, they are passing many time together. Justin and Selena rejoined in April 2013, and shared a sweet photograph from their get-together. They drove the Jelena fandom totally distraught when Justin posted a cuddly photograph with Selena. The vocalist had her arms around Justin and her head on his back as he messed around the PC. Excessively adorable!

Their satisfaction was fleeting, yet it didn’t take long for Justin and Selena to discover their way back to each other — once more. They rejoined on the Fourth of July in 2013 and Justin astounded Selena on her 21st birthday. Like the sentimental gentleman we know he is on the most fundamental level, he appeared with a solitary red rose.

Selena also discuss why she and Justin continued getting back together, against everybody’s recommendation. “I was attempting to make sense of what I’m doing, and that was the first occasion when I was continually being kicked down for doing that. What’s more, definitely, I settled on a few choices that weren’t incredible also, thus did he and that is the reason we experienced all that to just improve us.”

They also miss that time miss each other and take care, but unfortunately they aren`t get back each other. Source said.

Previous week, Justin Bieber, 21, serenaded ex Selena Gomez, 23, at an inn anteroom bar, and the previous couple were shot walking together later.

Gomez, who performed her most recent single “Same Old Love” at the American Music Awards (AMAs) likewise went to “Baby” hitmaker’s after gathering.



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