IPI (International Press Institute) is now worried about the press freedom of the democratic country Bangladesh because of the freedom of journalist and recently arrested the senior journalist and also the popular magazine editor Shafik Rehman involving on the murder plan case of the son of prime minister of Bangladesh.

On Saturday morning Shafik Rehman was arrested by police from his house by addressing journalist of Boishakhi TV.  He is the popular editor of the Mouchake Dhil which is the Bengali monthly magazine, on allegations that he was connected to a claimed plot to steal and murder the adviser of the IT department and the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son Sajeeb Wazed Joy in the United States in the year of 2013.

As indicated by an IPI discharge, “Shafik Rahman”, who was the previous editor of mass-media newspaper Bengali daily Jai Jai Din and the guide of the resistance Bangladesh National Party (BNP) pioneer Khaleda Zia, is the third professional restriction editorial manager captured in Bangladesh since 2013.”

The IPI executive of Communications and Advocacy Steven M. Ellis speak out that, “the previous improvements demonstrate a perpetually chilling environment for columnist’s journalist or editors in Bangladesh, with the individuals who offer voice to political resistance confronting detainment, while the individuals who censure fanaticism face passing in a standout amongst the most severe conduct conceivable.

“On account of Shafik Rehman, we (IPI) approach the administration of Bangladesh to make him free and shows and share any confirmation which is related the clime and that would demonstrate he was occupied with criminal action, or to discharge him from any of those subject matter instantly and drop these charges very soon. And we additionally encourage the authority to bring the individuals who are butchering writers and others to equity keeping in mind the end goal to exhibit that they won’t appreciate exemption, and to accomplish more to ensure columnists and other people who have been debilitated.”

The International Press Institute discharge said Shafik’s capture has been met with feedback by media outlets and the BNP. “Zia guaranteed that the case which is through against Rehman is politically inspired and is it very unethical and he required the columnist’s prompt and genuine discharge.” It said the charges are like those stopped against Mahfuz Anam, proofreader of the English-language based daily paper The Daily Star and some others popular newspaper in Bangladesh.

In an interview of TV media in February this year, Anam voiced misgiving for a progression of stories in 2007 that reported assertions of defilement against Hasina that were later appeared to be untrue. Not long after that affirmation, the IPI said, Anam confronted a tempest of feedback online and Hasina’s child requested that he be accused of injustice. “Anam as of now confronts charges on 62 checks of maligning and 17 numbers of subversion, and could confront up to 175 years in jail if indicted.”

The IPI additionally specified, “Matiur Rahman, the manager of Bangladesh’s most-broadly read and the most popular print media of English and Bengali daily paper, Prothom Alo, the independent and The Daily Star’s sister distribution, supposedly confronts somewhere in the range of 25 criticism charges, and the BBC has reported that both daily papers have been the objective of “an undercover endeavor to undermine their funds and smother their operations and activities”.

The voiced concerns, “Saturday’s capture of Rehman came only nine days after the most recent in a progression of fatal assaults on common bloggers and others by Islamic radicals.” On 7 April, three individuals assaulted law understudy and common extremist Nazimuddin Samad, hacking him with cleavers before shooting him in the head at point-clear range.

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