An Bharatn lady stranded in Islamic Republic of Pakistan for a decade has came to India. Geeta arrived in urban center on Monday morning, days once she known her family in photos sent from across the border.

Geeta, United Nations agency has speech and hearing impairments, was regarding eleven once she is believed to own strayed into Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Her plight emerged following a Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, that told the story of a Pakistani lady United Nations agency cannot speak and is cornered in Bharat.

Geeta and members of the Edhi Foundation charity attendant her from metropolis were received in urban center by officers from the Pakistani High Commission and India’s foreign ministry. Efforts to seek out her family began in August once Bharat accepted that she was one in all its voters.

She is believed to own known a family from the jap state of province as her own, however a minimum of 2 different families have claimed that Geeta is their girl. Authorities have aforesaid they’ll conduct a polymer check before handing her over to any family.

If the tests square measure negative, she’s going to be cared for at a shelter target Bharat till her family is derived, officers aforesaid.

For most of her time in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Geeta has lived at Associate in Nursing Edhi shelter target metropolis, reports the BBC’s Shahzeb Jillani. employees at the charity gave her her name – she is currently thought to be regarding twenty two.
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Although it had been long thought that Geeta was Indian, it had been solely in August that the authorities in urban center accepted her as a national – and aforesaid she would be brought back home presently.

Geeta’s homecoming is being seen as a rare case of humanitarian cooperation between the 2 hostile neighbours. Recent tensions between the 2 nuclear armed nations have seen cancellations of a series of bilateral conferences, last between cricketing officers in Mumbai.

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