Indian telephone and mobile developer org. Ringing Bells launcheda $4 cell phone on Thursday, with potential client request speedily smashing the minimal known organization’s site hours after the telephone went marked down.

This smart phone went on special in the morning however the organization later quit tolerating orders after its site smashed. “We submissively present that we are in this way taking a respite,” it said in a statement of regret to clients.

On Wednesday Ringing Bells, situated in the Delhi satellite city of Noida, was set up just a year ago and the dispatch occasion for the new telephone night was gone to by a senior pioneer from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gathering.

Organization president Ashok Kumar Chadha said the Android cell phone would have pre-introduced applications that tie into Modi activities, for example, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Clean India’. “Let us see what would we be able to do to realize a genuine freedom of Freedom to every one of our siblings and sisters,” he said in a discourse, alluding to the name of the new telephone to make a statement with a double meaning.

In its notification to clients the organization said it was getting 600,000 hits for each second on its site, despite the fact that it didn’t say what number of those hits changed over to genuine requests.

For examination, Google forms an expected 40,000 hunt demands for each second.

India is Asia’s quickest developing cell phone market with 103.6 million cell phones sold in 2015. Most Indians still purchase shabby cell phones that cost under $200. In spite of the fact that the organization didn’t talk about the financial aspects behind the operation, examiners scrutinized the plan of action. “It would seem that it’s profoundly sponsored by the organization and it’s not clear how they plan to support this,” said Tarun Pathak an investigator with Counterpoint Technology Research.

A $20 Android tablet sold by nearby organization Datawind through an administration appropriation plan neglected to catch huge piece of the pie.

To begin with conveyances of the Freedom 251 telephone are not expected before the center of the year, as per Ringing Bells.

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