Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in the Maine councils, the most recent challenge in the fight to be the Democratic presidential applicant.

With 91% of the vote checked, Vermont Senator Mr Sanders is surveying 64%, while previous Secretary of State Mrs Clinton has 36%. In the Republican race, Marco Rubio effectively won Puerto Rico’s essential, beating very rich person Donald Trump.

Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump stay general pioneers in the selection crusades. Sunday night saw Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders conflict on various issues in a CNN-facilitated discuss in Flint, Michigan.

They exchanged allegations on economy and exchange, with Mrs Clinton saying her opponent voted against a bailout of the US auto industry in 2009. In Saturday’s round of voting, Mr Sanders took two states – Kansas and Nebraska – however Mrs Clinton kept up her Democratic leader status after a major triumph in Louisiana.

While the win in Puerto Rico – a US domain – will support Florida Senator Mr Rubio’s crusade, it sends only 23 agents to the Republican tradition which designates a presidential competitor. Republican hopefuls require the votes of 1,237 representatives to get approval for the presidential race legitimate. Mr Rubio still trails well behind Mr Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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