White-tailed deer is the most famous animal in East Coast, America. But though there high popularity they are facing various Lyme and chronic diseases . Now news is they are now have facing Malaria. But good thing is it will not be dangerous for humans.

The examination group, drove by Ellen Martinsen from the Smithsonian’s Conservation Biology Institute, assesses that somewhere around 18 and 25 percent of white-tailed deer living along America’s East Coast are contaminated by Plasmodium odocoilei, an intestinal sickness parasite, which makes white-tailed deer the first and final warm blooded animal species in North or South America to convey a local type of the disease. They are now have a fear that this virus will also affected in native birds.

As the effect of this virus is now in small amount the researcher are now in confusion that is this disease is really harmful for the white-tailed deer population or not. All of the researcher are now in confusion about the real source of this virus. Some say that about 4.2 to 5.7 million years ago white-tailed deer were visited to North America from Eurasia and from there they may be bought this virus.

May be further research will give us clear idea about this diseases.

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