Bollywood celebrity and performer Aamir Khan, whose “leaving India” remarks connected to the “narrow mindedness” talk about had kicked up a colossal discussion, Aamir, 50, said, “I was born here and I will die here, I won`t go anywhere.’’

I wanted to leave the nation or India was narrow minded, I don`t said this or related like something. I likewise comprehend the feelings of the individuals who were harmed. I might want to say that my announcement was misconstrued and to some degree media is in charge of it. I was conceived here and I will kick the bucket here,” Aamir said at a question and answer session here on the eve of his 2006 superhit “Rang De Basanti” finishing ten years.

Aamir’s remarks went ahead a day when he went under crisp assault from kindred performing artist Akshay Kumar who said “high points and low points” happen in each country and one ought not begin giving “intense” comment.

“India our nation is various with such a variety of dialects, culture…no other nation has such a great amount of differing qualities as India,” he said, including, “At whatever point I travel to another country I can’t avoid my nation over two weeks. I get achy to visit the family”.

Aamir’s statement at last November that he was “frightened” by various episodes and that his wife Kiran Rao even proposed that they ought to most likely leave the nation had set off an across the country insult. He was as of late supplanted as the brand represetative of ‘Mind blowing India’ battle.

“As a person, as a feature of this nation as a resident, we read in the papers what is going on, we see it on the news and positively, I have been frightened. I can’t deny. I have been frightened by various episodes,” he had said when solicited to remark on discernment from rising bigotry.

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