NASA space traveler and scientist Scott Kelly is motivating prepared to get back home subsequent to spending a longer stretch in orbit than any other American in history, however he says he could stay in space for twofold that time.

Still now Scott Kelly is stronger and keep his position. “I could go an additional 100 days. I could go one more year in the event that I needed to. It would simply rely on upon what I was doing and in the event that it appeared well and good, in spite of the fact that I do anticipate returning home here one week from now,” he advised columnists today amid a space-to-ground news meeting.

The following couple of days will top off a 340-day voyage through obligation on the International Space Station, which is gone for concentrate to what extent length of time spaceflight could influence space explorers amid considerably more outings to Mars and back. Kelly and his kindred year-in-spacer, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, are because of return to Earth in a Soyuz case alongside Russian crewmate Sergey Volkov on March 1.

Kelly now holds the U.S. record for longest consistent time in space, yet not the world record: That fits in with Russia’s Valery Polyakov, who remained focused Mir space station for a little more than 437 days.

The International Space Station is significantly more agreeable than Mir was, Kelly said, however a few things will need to change when organizers outline the shuttle where Mars-bound space explorers could burn through 500 days or more.

“Most likely a fraction of the time I’ve been here, in the middle of resting and taking a shot at the PC, I’ve spent fundamentally in a crate the extent of a telephone corner,” he said. “Making that private range as immaculate as could be allowed, I think, would go far toward lessening weariness, decreasing push and aiding for a fruitful mission.”

Scott Kelly said the first thing he planned to do after finishing up his post-landing medical tests at NASA’s Johnson Space Center was “jump in the pool.” Meanwhile, Mark Kelly is planning Scott’s next big journey: a fishing trip to Alaska.

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