Human have the ability to develop mechiane but machine is always machine it has no brain without selected activity it has no ability to do anything without command. A South Korean grandmaster on Sunday scored his first win over a Google-created supercomputer, in a shock triumph after three embarrassing annihilations in a prominent standoff in the middle of man and machine.

On Saturday, Lee Se-Dol whipped AlphaGo after a nail-gnawing match that went on for about five hours-the fourth of the best-of-five arrangement in which the PC secured a 3-0 triumph.

Lee battled in the early period of the fourth match yet picked up a lead towards the end, inevitably provoking AlphaGo to leave.

The 33-year-old human who is one of the best players in present day history of the old tabletop game, with 18 global titles to his name-the second most on the planet. Analyst believe he is the most intelligent human in the world.

“I couldn’t be more satisfied today…this triumph is invaluable. I wouldn’t exchange it for the world,” a grinning Lee said after the match to cheers and acclaim from the crowd. “I can’t say I wasn’t hurt by the previous three defeats…but despite everything I delighted in each snippet of playing so it truly didn’t harm me significantly,” he said.

Lee earlier predicted a landslide victory over Artificial Intelligence (AI) but was later forced to concede that the AlphaGo was “too strong”. Lee had pledged to attempt his best to win no less than one amusement after his second thrashing.

Depicted as the “match of the century” by neighborhood media, the diversion was nearly viewed by a huge number of Go fans generally in East Asia and in addition AI researchers.

The most renowned AI triumph to date came in 1997, when the IBM-created supercomputer Deep Blue beat the then-world class chess champion Garry Kasparov.

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