Yes, i am going to express a stuck information about to make $2 billion business within 6 years. Actually this is learning process, that means someone following others and finally made this amount in 6 years.

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of Nutanix made $2 billion business in 6 years by following and studying Larry Ellison.

Dheeraj Pandey, near about Twelve years ago spent couple of years by working at Ellison’s company, Oracle. He convinced by the Ellison and Pandey says Business Insider, Ellison was “one of most misunderstood business leaders of our time”.

And in the time of 2009 when Dheeraj Pandey became the CEO of Nutanix, he started to study Larry Ellison extremely. Actually Pandey desired to calculate how Larry Ellison turn Oracle Company into the state of $38 billion revenues now. Larry made giant revenues by Oracle company’s. And finally Ellison tactically stepped down himself from the position of CEO at the age stage of 71 and still he is the CTO of this company.

About to make $2 billion business Larry Ellison taught him 6 key things about leadership. Which things are learned by the Dheeraj Pandey those are given below –

  1. Ellison is obsessed with the company’s products.
  2. He stays close with “subject-matter expert” (SME) engineers, the people who are building the products, often three to five levels below him.
  3. He isn’t afraid to nurture the rebels in the company. “Ellison was never about surrounding himself with yes men only,” Pandey says.
  4. He has a take-no-prisoners attitude with the competition. This is the Larry Ellison most of us know — the guy who’s always smack-talking his competitors, and sometimes suing them.
  5. He has “unflinching conviction” in the pursuit of his business strategy. For instance, he held an 18-month siege in his hostile takeover of PeopleSoft, the nastiest hostile takeover in software history.
  6. He’s actually willing to “eat humble pie” and change strategies (although he’s not very humble about it).


Courtesy: Business Insider

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