If you have a nice camera isn’t that you are a good photographer. To be a good photographer, having a good camera and take a nice shot is not enough anymore. You must have a knowledge about photography. It is very important to learn for being a good photographer. We are talking about ‘Learning Photography’. You should know something very important about photography. You’ve to know about Camera: You must have good knowledge about camera first. Some important thing in camera those are very essential to know if you want to learn photography. There is many brand of Digital Cameras like Nikon, Canon, Epson, Kodak, Olympus etc. But every camera providing some special features for their users. You’ve to know what is those features and how to these use. ISO- the sensitivity of digital sensor, Shutter Speed- how long the shutter stays open, Aperture-how much light can pass through the lens. You’ve minimum knowledge about these when you taking a shot by your camera.

Camera Tools are also important for photography. Proper use of Tools makes a photo better. you’ve to know manual and auto modes of your camera. Actually you’ve to know proper use of key setting of every tools in camera than it gives you the best quality picture.

Others these you’ve to know also: There are many things about in photography to know. There is proper angle for taking a photo. Knowing photo frame is important for taking a good photo. You’ve to target a frame wise area to take your photo, otherwise a good picture can be not so much attractive to other though that was the nice picture you taken. You can use many kind of lens for taking your photo shoot but you’ve to know how it uses for focusing your target. There are many things to know about photography. But basically you must have some knowledge those explained here. “Practice makes a man perfect.” You should have a mature knowledge about camera and uses of its tools but for being a good photographer you have to practice also. By practicing you can be a good in all, than why not in photography.

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