Journey of air is much interesting and vast difference of any other journey which you have done. With innovative and it is very dangerous if there is any wrong or mistake at the time of flying or landing of your air device. The person who have 1st time to journey of need to air travel he or she not know if any danger what will happen. Have you ever thought about what you’d do whether you were on a plane and both pilots fell oblivious in mid-air?

Normally, a lot of online clients have suggested this definite conversation starter on a gathering, provoking an aircraft pilot to disclose precisely what to do in such a terrifying circumstance. The ten-minute tutorial was uploaded to YouTube by Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot. In the clip, he shows viewers the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and walks them through the controls.

Beginning with the radio, Tim clarifies that the traveler would need to put a “Mayday” shout to Air Traffic Control, who will likewise help with getting the plane. Tim then takes viewers through the whole arrival from beginning to end, highlighting applicable controls that they should use in the occasion of a crisis.


Conceivably the most brazen minute comes when he trains travelers to turn auto-pilot off and take full control of the plane. In the event that everything goes to arrange, the traveler ought to have the capacity to arrive the plane securely, and soon thereafter Tim includes, “Snatch a brew from the cookroom and appreciate the ride down the crisis clearing slide.”

The video has been seen more than 693,600 times since it was transferred to his YouTube channel on February 9. Would you venture up to arrive a plane in a crisis? And from this video you mast aware about air crash and it’s prevent and how to safe your life.

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