Now a days Low Back Pain (LBP) or the Lower Back Pain or Lumbago has become a common experience for almost 80% adult peoples. It is a common disorder originated from the spinal muscles, bones, nerves, tendons or discs of the lumbar spine. It is caused by a simple injury on the back, not something serious. Most of the pains are acute, short term, and released by a few days to a few weeks.
Two types of lower back pain is identified. The first one, subacute lower back pain is lasts between 4 and 12 weeks. The chronic back pain is lasts for 12 weeks or longer.

How to deal with lower back pain:
1. Remain active; don’t take a break for a long in the time of lower back pain.
2. Keep doing regular activities by avoiding the works that makes your pain worse.
3. Keep fit by doing exercises.
4. Stop smoking.

Here is a video is given how to get release from back pain:

When a certain pressure on a nerve in the lower back is took a trip down to the back of the leg it causes “Sciatica”. The pain is harsher than the back pain and a itching, numbness or weakness is felt on the leg. This pain can be released by doing the same things as lower back pain. By remaining active, keep exercising can release the pain.
When you should have to become concern:
Sometimes lower back pain can be a topic of serious concern. Medical advice should be taken if the following symptoms are identified:
1. Difficulties in passing urine
2. Poor control of bowels
3. Weakness on the back or genitals
4. Weakness in both legs
5. Difficulties in walking
6. Weight loss
7. Chills, fever, Night sweats, nausea, vomiting and night pain.

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