Everyone knows that what is football even they know also about Golf as well as. Football is the sports there, player kick a ball by their foot to score a goal. And golf is that game or sports there, players use various clubs to hit balls into a hole as possible in some few strokes. But how much you know about FootGolf? FootGolf is a sport there, player use football as their ball and they don’t use any clubs to hit the ball; they use their foot to hit the ball into a hole that easily captures the ball.

The origins of FootGolf are unclear but it was the time as early as 2006. FootGolf was first played as nine-hole FootGolf tournament on a golf course, as the sports we know today. That was organized by Netherlands in 2008 by Bas Korsten and Micheal Jansen. They were mix Datch and Belgium Professional footballers. Now a day the FootGolf becoming familiar day by day, National Golf Courses Owners Association (NGCOA) organized a the American FootGolf League (AFGL) in the spring 2015.


The FootGolf actually played as same way as golf sports. Player use football instead of golf ball. There is 21 inch ‘cup’ instead of usual golf hole. If players have to win, they need to lose their fewest shot in their game. FootGolf is played on the golf courses. The first shot has to be played from tee box, and reach into the hole. Trees, bunkers, hills, water have to be crossed or avoided.

In FootGolf the holes have in shorter distance such have in golf because soccer ball is much bigger than golf ball. No 5 soccer ball usually use in FootGolf. If you compare the FootGolf with the golf you can observe, it is quicker than golf, much accessible and does not require any expensive equipment.

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