It shouldn’t come as an amazement to you that there was a considerable measure of CG deceit included in making the red planet for Ridley Scott’s space thriller The Martian. Be that as it may, despite the fact that it’s clearly an extremely VFX-serious motion picture, it’s entrancing to see where the sets began, and how they at last wound up on screen.

MPC, the VFX house that made The Martian, discharged this breakdown today to commend the film’s assignment for Best Visual Effects at the current year’s Oscars.

On the off chance that you need an indication of why The Martian was named for a best visual impacts Oscar, look at this highlight reel from MPC, the lead VFX organization for the film. While the film was shot in a real abandon (southern Jordan, to be correct), executive Ridley Scott still required a lot of CG help to breath life into the story.

It’s especially interesting to perceive how MPC made The Martian look as though it was really shot on Mars, on account of some shading and scene tweaking. The reel likewise flaunts some more unobtrusive impacts, including the glass and reflections for Damon’s protective cap. Actually, there are spoilers, so stay away from this video on the off chance that you haven’t seen the film.

What’s unusual is that you wind up being shocked at what’s really down to earth (a great lump of the sets were physically assembled and stuffed with props) and what isn’t (CG visors and reflections!) however it’s cool to see everything meet up into the last, stunning looking item.

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