The world’s littlest penguins are being shielded from foxes by a gathering of exceptionally prepared pooches. The little penguins, otherwise called pixie penguins, develop to be around 30-40 centimeters tall and live by the shore of South Australia and New Zealand. Here a dogs saved penguins.

On Middle Island in Australia the settlement of little penguins who live there were experiencing severely fox assaults.

At a certain point it got so terrible that there were just around 10 penguins left. A neighborhood agriculturist who utilized exceptionally prepared dogs called Maremma, to shield his chickens from the foxes chose to venture into help the penguins.

He began strolling along the shorelines with the canines. Since the foxes didn’t care for the odor of the dogs, they stayed away, permitting the penguins to move about uninhibitedly. Subsequently, the little penguin populace has expanded, and the story has even been transformed into a film.

Check the images below –

little penguins saved by dogs-compressed


little penguin-compressed



Courtesy: BBC

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